Cambon Partners — Fundraising team — Overview 2020

Cambon Partners and the fundraising team wish you a happy New Year 2021! Here’s a recap of a mental 2020.

14 deals over the last 12 months

  • Cafeyn — digital media streaming platform — Bregal Milestone
  • — AI SaaS — Upfront, Hi Inov & Netventure
  • Iobeya — digital visual management SaaS — Red River West, Atlantic Bridge & Fortino
  • Medadom — medical teleconsultations — G Square
  • Powell Software — digital workplace SaaS — Level Equity & Caphorn
  • LaBelleVie — dark grocery store — Capagro, FJ Lab & A Plus Finance
  • Spareka — e-commerce platform for spare parts in home living — Demeter
  • Paylead — fintech — CNP, Side Capital & business angels
  • Andjaro — HR tech SaaS — Idinvest, Balderton, SAP, Arkea, Sofiouest, Edenred, Alliance, Swen & Investiere
  • 2 deals not yet announced : mobility and travel…stay tuned
  • Beside our 11 fundraising deals, 3 private placements processes turned into M&A transactions.

>50% of our clients received termsheets from foreign VCs

8 clients received termsheets from foreign investors:

  • US (4) -> Level Equity, Atlantic Bridge, Upfront & FJ Labs
  • UK (5) -> Balderton, G Square, Bregal Milestone and 2 non disclosed ones
  • Switzerland & Belgium (2) -> Investiere and Fortino

In our processes, we contact more foreign than French VCs. Germany, Nordics, US, Russia, Benelux. Name it. We most likely know an interesting investor over there.

In 2021, we expect +75% of our clients to receive at least one termsheet from abroad. Globalization of fundraisings is more than ever a reality.

Our team keeps on growing

Baptiste is now a full time member of the fundraising team!

After a training period with us, we are very pleased to count him among us — for years we hope.

Prior to Cambon, he worked for different start-ups in operations & sales where he discovered how to scale and manage high growth from the inside. Then he joined the BPI innovation team to support and finance promising start-ups in their developments. A true rising star!

Linked in Profile

What we wrote about & did in 2020

Covid-19 Impact study, Foreign VCs in France over the last 10 years…

you will find it all in our previous July 2020 newletter on Medium

People with whom we like to work

We work with partners from different sectors such as HR, Audit, Tech. Amongst others, LegalPlace in the legal space:

> LegalPlace is a platform that provides digital legal services for entrepreneurs and SMBs in corporate and labor law. LegalPlace launched a digital law firm (Kanoon) that allows it to offer a subscription service to provide unlimited legal advisory for SMBs and startups. Interested?

What to expect

  • We already have 5 deals under term sheet or soon to be announced. We will keep you posted.
  • Our next hoped meetups in 2021? About Impact, B2C brands, HR & Proptech Interested? Ping us.



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